What is a Mentorship

Our mentorship program focuses on the skill development and the empowerment of community members. It provides successful applicants* access to a mentor whose skills align with their desired future role and a mentored project to help them gain experience. Our goal is to provide members a faster and clearer path to skill competency.

Tony Nguyen & Johnathan Nguyen

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey

Joaquin Martinez, Eden Ragsdale & Parker Bjur

Benefits of a Mentorship

The advantages of the mentorship program extend to all involved in the program, including our organization. As a mentee, you develop skill competency faster, learn to manage professional relationships, expand your network contacts, improve your communication skills, gain confidence in your skills and gain development experience.

What is the Mentorship program?

We have two types of mentorship programs.

The traditional program matches a successful applicant with an industry professional who will mentor them for 6-12 weeks. The length of the mentorship depends on the availability of the mentor. Along with a mentor, the mentee is assigned to an open source project that they will be contributing to. This will allow the mentee to gain experience in the field, give back to their community and utilize what they are learning.

The peer-to-peer program matches applicants with a peer, or group of peers, to work on a real world project that will be overseen by a mentor. The project you work on can be one that the group comes up with or an existing open source project that aligns with the skills members are trying to sharpen. This approach focuses on sharpening skills and nurturing the entrepreneurial side of our members.



  • Mentor* provided
  • Access to a Mentor
  • Meeting with mentor twice a month
  • Mentored project
  • Skill proficiency focused


  • Partnered with a Peer*
  • Shared access to a community mentor*
  • Guided project
  • Skill proficiency and entrepreneurship focused

* Mentor is a working industry professional* A peer is a member within proximity to your skill level* A community mentor is a member that has professional experience with the skills a mentee is working on. A community mentor is not dedicated to just one mentee.

Interested in Applying?

A successful applicant is a community member that applies, meets all the minimum requirements and is sent an e-mail of acceptance. Applicants normally know within 2-3 weeks if they have been accepted or not. As this is a community driven program with working professionals in the industry, we unfortunately cannot guarantee everyone a mentor.

  • Must be open to having work critiqued, reviewed and corrected.
  • Basic grasp of the syntax for the language applicant is seeking mentorship in.
  • Willingness to work on an open source project that aligns with the skills they're seeking mentorship in.
  • Willingness to network with working industry professionals.
  • Applicant can commit 10-15 hours a week of development time.
  • Applicant commits to having open communication with mentor and the organization. (progress, issues, concerns, etc.)

Mentorship Application



To become a mentor, you must meet the minimum requirements below. You must also have worked or currently work in the industry, using the skills you will be mentoring others in. You will be impacting the lives of people and you will become a resource of knowledge. This comes with a tremendous level of responsibility, make sure to apply only if you have the time and willingness to help others in your community.

Ziah Miller & Jake Marshall
Mentor Requirements:
  • Be accessible via Slack during the mentorship.
  • Be able to meet with mentee at least twice a month.
  • Posses proficiency in the areas seeking to mentor community members in.
  • Treat mentee with respect and professionalism.
  • Have open communication with the organization regarding the progress of the mentee, issues and concerns.